The First Partners Transnational Meeting was held in Verona, Italy from 6-7 September 2021, within the NEUEYET Project – Novel Framework for democratic participation and Engagement of Underrepresented European Youngsters. The event took place in the marvelous venue of Galleria Giustizia Vecchia, in Verona where most of the partners joined the physical meeting and the rest of the partners who couldn’t attend the event due to the Covid 19 restrictions participated via ZOOM platform.

We can proudly say that nowadays when we are facing challenges in organizing physical events this one was huge success first because of the hybrid model offline and online, and second because of the productivity, efficiency of the work that all participants had done during all sessions, thanks to the participants from Glocal Factory (Italy), FORIS (Italy), Hub Nicosia (Cyprus), Mladiinfo International (North Macedonia), e-Trikala (Greece), Pistes-Solidaires (France) and Adger (Norway). Special thanks goes to the hosts from the Glocal Factory the lead organization in this project who organized this event.

The first day of the meeting was reserved for presenting the research and good practices in digital democratic participation and less represented young population that we collect from partners during the summer. Additionally, preparations for the upcoming event in Trikala, Greece were made and all participants discussed about the content of that event. The most important output from the day one was creation of the framework for the future implantations of the activities followed by group work and discussions.
The second day started with presentation on how we will disseminate and promote the project activities, initiatives, outputs where participants learned about managing social media, how to use the plan for communication and dissemination, as well creation of content and their responsibilities in the dissemination process. Afterwards, a presentation for quality assurance was held and we concluded the day with some clarification on financial matters, arraigning the next meeting and events.

Novel Framework for Democratic Participation and Engagement of Underrepresented European Youngsters – NEUEYT Project is supported by Erasmus +.