Our second event the Lab meeting and training for co-designing the framework of the initiatives or the second transnational partners meeting was held in Trikala from 29 September until 1 October, 2021. Hosted by the Greek partner E-Trikala, participants from each partner country France, Italy, North Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus and Norway were present and presented their ideas and worked together in order to develop one of the most important documents within NEUEYT project.

During our 3-day joint staff training event the participants actively cooperate in the laboratory and discuss about the results of the best practices collection and analysis that was created earlier, had session for reflection and debate on the lessons learned by the selected best practices in order to focus relevant inputs for the design and the development of the Novel Framework for democratic participation and Engagement of Underrepresented European Youngsters – NEUEYT, which is one of the major outputs in this project, as well valorising the sharing of knowledge in the field of youth engagement according to peer learning approach.

Fist of all a presentation of the list of potential initiatives was made, after which establishing the roadmap for initiative was decided for 8 initiatives that were selected and all participants worked in groups. On the last day a presentation of all finalized and selected initiatives was done and the partners from E-Trikala presented couple of co-creation activities on how to get measurable feedback from policy makers and youngsters.

Looking forward to implement our great initiatives which will motivate young people towards participation on many levels.

Check out our visual tour form our Trikala Lab Event