Another Initiative has started with implementation in North Macedonia by the partner Poraka Nova who launched the open calls in order to recruit the participants for SAI – Self advocacy influencer Initiative.
Self-advocacy Influencer is an activity implemented within the NEUEYT project – and aims to connect young people from marginalized and underrepresented groups to work in a team with other young people. They will work in a series of modules through which they will gain skills and will know how to represent themselves through different types of digital tools, including social media. The main objective is to be heard and provoke reaction from relevant policy makers. Through online training 5 young people from marginalized and under-represented communities will gain skills and will work with mentors on self-advocacy through digital tools.
The trainings are planned to last 5 months, once a week there will be a theoretical lecture through an online platform (zoom) and then practical work with the mentor. The end result is the creation of a blog, or another type of online media or social media page, through which they will present their personal challenge / problem on the relevant topics (s), by telling stories, personal experiences, topic issues, interviews, recommendations, debates, polls, etc.
You can read more about this initiative and find the open calls here.