From 3-4 May the Second Partners Transnational Meeting was held in Nicosia, Cyprus, hosted by our partners HUB Nicosia. The event took place in premises of the hosting organization where most of the partners joined the physical meeting and the rest of the partners who couldn’t attend the event participated via ZOOM.

On the first day we disscussed about each of the 8 Iniatives, each partner had a presentation and shared at which stage they are of implementing, what are the next steps and timeline of the activities. We focused also on the requirments for imporovemnt for better impact. Addtionaly, we had a session about the Quality Inssurance – monitoring of the 8 activities, as well for te upcoming multistakeholders tables that each od the partners should organize and the development of the policy paper recommendation.

One half of the second day was dedicated about the dissmination activitties, going through the outcomes that we deveopled and what comes next, how to attract the target and bring good activitites and content in order to create more engagment. We saw the videos made by each partner for promotion of each of the 8 iniatives. The meeting was closed with the last session about the mangament of the project, deliverbales, financial matters and the upcoming report.

And last but not least we decided when the 3rd transnational meeting in Pau will be held 🙂  Stay tuned we are preparing intresting activtities for the young people in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, North Macedonia, France and Norway.

Thanks to all participants who were part of this event from Glocal Factory (Italy) Associazione Foris (Italy), HUB Nicosia (Cyprus), PORAKA NOVA (North Macedonia), e-Trikala (Greece), Pistes Solidaires (France) and Agder fylkeskommune (Norway).
Check the photos from the event below!