During the official day of Europe, which is on 9 of May, the NEUEYT project team from E-Trikala in Greece had the opportunity to inform the general public, both about the project and the initiatives that are being implemented during this period. 

About the event

The briefing took place on May 9, at the Music School of Trikala, which implements the School-Embassy program of the European Parliament (EPAS) which aims to enrich the knowledge of young people, coming from different educational, social and geographical environments, around European parliamentary, the values ​​of political democracy in Europe, and the role and functioning of the European Parliament, which represents European citizens.

In the framework of this day, E-TRIKALA had the opportunity to present the NEUEYT project and to inform both the political representatives and the student community about the 3 NEUEYT initiatives implemented in the city of Trikala.