In relation to the Youth Council initiative that the Municipality of Trikala will implement via NEUEYT project a very important event took place. On the 19th of May, 2022 the first step for the establishment of the Municipal Youth Council was taken by the Municipality of Trikala. The meeting took place at the City Hall, where representatives of local institutions and associations gathered.

During the meeting the Deputy Regional Minister of Health of Thessaly Mr. Dimitra Natsina and the Deputy Mayors of Trikala Efi Leventi and Vas. Kranias, the President of the Municipal Council of Trikala George Panagiotou and the Vice President of the Tsitsanis Museum and Head of the Volunteers of Trikala, Michalis Lappas, presented the aims and objectives of the Youth Council.

This first meeting was supported by representatives of local educational and cultural associations (Pyrgetou, Agia Kyriaki, Sotiras, Fotada, Apantachou Lagkadioton, Sarakatsanaion, Kipaki, Agia Moni, Agia Triada, Varousiou, Efxinou Club, Eloki Chotei, ELOK, Polio (“Asteras”, “Aeolos”, AS Asklipios, AS TRIKKI, SOAT, AST, Delphi), who had the opportunity to express their opinion and analyse the way that could support this endeavour.

Finally, E-Trikala had the chance to present NEUEYT project and more particularly the Six steps to democratic participation and the Youth Council initiatives to both the authorities and institutions. E-Trikala will work very close with the Municipality providing technical assistance in order to have a joined and optimal result. More meetings will take place in the near future.

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