In relation to the Youth Council initiative that the Municipality of Trikala will implement via NEUEYT project a very important event took place. On the 31 of May, 2022 during the City Councils meeting the establishment of the Municipal Youth Council was discussed by the authorities.

The Municipal Council of Trikala approved the establishment of the Municipal Youth Council along with a number of actions that will take place the following months. The president of the Municipal Council G. Panagiotou and the implementer of the effort, Mich. Lappas, referred to the need to support the new generation in participating in democratic procedures.

Among others, the Mayor also pointed out the need to empower the next generation of people who wish to be involved in local administration procedures.

E-Trikala will work very close with the Municipality providing technical assistance in order to have a joined and optimal result. More meetings will take place in the near future.

Link from the official page of Trikala city: