Poraka Nova kicked off the implementation of the SAI Self Advocacy Influencers Initiative with an open call in April where 10 young people (5 participants and 5 mentors) were recruited to join the activities within this initiative and NEUEYT project.

In May the official training program begin and each week the participants are engaged in online training session where they learn to develop their own blogs, advancing skills in digital tools, gaining knowledge how to work on social media and expressing themselves through different digital channels. The main goal is to be heard and provoke a reaction from the relevant policy makers.

SAI is currently in the second module of the training course which will end this week, and next one the 3rd one will begin in the first week of July. In the next month hopefully we can share the websites that our participants will create with their mentors where they will advocate for different topics of their interest for the underrepresented youth and try to reach to the relevant stakeholders in the communities and policy makers.

Stay tuned.