On 3-4 May 2022 in Nicosia, Cyprus, took place the 2 nd Transnational Partner Meeting in the framework of the NEUEYT project. The meeting was organised and hosted by Hub Nicosia. Consortium partners from Glocal Factory, Hub Nicosia, E-trikala, Pistes Solidaires, Foris, Agder gathered onsite and the Poraka Nova team joined via ZOOM in order to discuss the further development and activities of the research actions, the implementation of the initiatives, dissemination activities, as well the quality insurance and management activities in the upcoming period.

The first day was dedicated to presenting the current status of the running initiatives, as well as further requirements for improvement and impact by all partners who already are in some phase of implementation of the NEUEYT iniatives. Moreover, during the first day, Adger presented the recommendations/guidelines for policy makers and stakeholders followed by extensive consortium discussion.

On the second day, the consortium discussed extensively the further and better dissemination of the project initiatives and outcomes in general. Each partner defined which certain dissemination products will deliver and how the promotion of the project will continue. Moreover, the evaluation leader presented some of the first evaluations from the initiatives that are currently rolling out, while the coordinator had the opportunity to highlight some important milestones related to the management of the project.

The meeting allowed the project partners to verify some of the deliverables that were expected for the first-year progress report and for the interim report. Also, the partnership agreed the dates for the last TPM that will take place in Pau (France) and will be hosted by Pistes Solidaires.

Thanks to all the participants who contributed and joined this meeting. Stay tuned until the next meeting in Pau!