After 5 months since launching the initiative and starting of the training course for Self Advocacy Influencers Initiative we are happy to share that this activity was successfully implemented by Poraka Nova, in North Macedonia.
Last week all participants, mentors and trainers had an online meeting where the websites that were created during the course were presented and we spoke about how they promoted the blogs, the content and how did they managed to reach out to relevant policy makers and stakeholders. Additionally, Poraka Nova will promote the outputs of the initiative even further to other stakeholders and encouraged the participants to continually create valuable content and keep up the good work. All participants promoted and disseminated their blog on social media and as well with direct mailing to relevant stakeholders, NGO’s, public institutions and associations. Poraka Nova also prepared certificates in order to celebrate the successful participation of the young people and mentors who supported the youngsters during the whole process.
You can check the blogs that our Self Advocacy Influencers created: 

Check out the achievements of SAI below.

I am young person with down syndrome coming from village near Struga, I was lucky to be invited to apply for this initiative and with help from my mentor and trainers to learn many things, tools on how to create medium for myself in order to self-advocate for people with intellectual disabilities

Igor Shajnoski

I am happy that I participated in this project, one of my imagined versions for me was to learn more about digital tools and web design in order to advocate for things that are important for young people who are not so repsresented. I’m happy because thanks to this project I met my mentor Martina who was strong support.

Daniel Shikoski