On 2nd of November 2022, Poraka Nova held the first stakeholder meeting in Ohrid, N.Macedonia, in the Youth Center of the municipality of Ohrid and had a chance to promote the NEUEYT project and the initiatives that are implemented on the local level in the country (Self Advocacy Influencers, We&US Panel, Silent Debate) and more over to speak with the young people and relevant policy makers about the youth participation in the democratic process and how under represented youth can be more active and involved, with focus on economic participation and employment as one burning issue that concerns the young people in North Macedonia.
The event atended by 66 participants from which 1 representative from the Agency for employment of North Macedonia, 1 representative from the municipality of Ohrid from the sector education, 1 representative from the Agency for local development from the department youth development, 6 high school professors, 3 youth workers from the Youth Center, 3 representatives from other local NGO’s, 1 media outlet representative and 50 young people students from high schools and university students. The representatives from Agency of Employment and from the municipality presented their programs and opportunities that they are creating for young people in order to be more participative in the democratic process, the young people had a chance to hear about the youth guarantee program directly from the them. Open discussion through role play methodology was conducted where many young people had an chance to express their opinion, to propose potential solutions and say what types of tools / opportunities they need in order to be more active and participative in the democratic processes.