In relation to the Youth Council initiative that the Municipality of Trikala will implement via NEUEYT project a very important event took place. Taking into consideration that the final poll which will establish the first youth council of the city of Trikala will take place the following days, the Municipal organizing committee with the support of E-TRIKALA had the first meeting with the youngsters.

 On 3 of November 2022, all youngsters that have registered for the youth council were invited to the City Hall to meet with the president of the Municipal Council, the organizing committee and other members of the city council in order to discuss about the next steps in implementing the first youth council. What is more, the structure, the organization, the individual departments of a Municipality as well as the obligations and characteristics of a council were presented to the youngsters by the authorities.

The event was also disseminated by the Municipality’s official site.

The meeting took place both physically and remotely and was broadcasted live via the Municipality’s official YouTube channel.