On December 6, the second round of discussions on the theme “Youth and political commitment” for the city and province of Verona took place.


Michele Sartori – Scaligera ULSS9 company, Sara Benetti- Vice president of the Sulle Orme association, Alessandra Mozzo – L’albero cooperative designer, Rachele Tomezzoli – anthropology student and self-managed laboratory activist Paratodos, Giulia Gambaretto – political science student, Jacopo Buffolo – Councilors for youth policies and equal opportunities of the municipality of Verona, Marco Tabacchini – high school teacher, Hamza Khamlich – former student of Economics and management.

For Glocal Factory: Sara Khamlich and Anna Schena

After a short round of presentations we gave some information about the project that gave us the opportunity to meet: NEUEYT- Youth Digital Participation. Then Anna presented all initiatives and introduced We&Us Panel.

Giulia Gambaretto, part of the Scientific Committee of We&Us, participating online, told policy makers what it was like to be part of We & Us panel. After some questions and correspondent answers, the discussion moved on the following questions:

When and how did we experience the use of digital means to encourage the active participation of young people?

What critical issues have you encountered? What opportunities have you tested or glimpsed? What are the other possibilities, outside of digital?

This allowed us to share our experiences and discuss together the use of social media, websites and participatory platforms in political life with particular reference to the youth sphere. Among important general reflections and concrete practices, a complex and multifaceted theme has emerged in which it is difficult to distinguish the boundary between opportunity, empowerment, risk and concrete danger.

But the discussion has just begun!

Following table is planned in March and in the agenda is already there the follow up.