The NEUEYT (Novel framework for democratic participation and engagement of Underrepresented European Youngsters) project is a European initiative aimed at promoting the involvement of young people in democratic processes. The project is focused on bridging the gap in youth democratic participation, especially for those who are underrepresented in the political arena. As part of this initiative, an online stakeholder meeting was organized by FORIS, the project’s organizing partner, on 22nd December 2022.

The stakeholder meeting was attended by eight stakeholders who are actively involved in the field of education and training. The meeting was also attended by international stakeholders who shared their experiences and discussed the NEUEYT project’s objectives in countries where it has not been disseminated. Mariaelena Romanini presented eight initiatives and the scope of the NEUEYT project in detail. The meeting aimed to introduce stakeholders to each other, and define usability objectives based on NEUEYT objectives.

The discussions during the meeting revolved around how various stakeholders could adopt NEUEYT initiatives and adapt them to the national context. The stakeholders also shared information about the state of youth democratic participation in their countries. The meeting was a strategic event, providing an opportunity to collect information and discuss the possibilities of promoting youth democratic participation through NEUEYT initiatives.

The meeting concluded with considerable discussion about future involvement of stakeholders in the NEUEYT initiatives. Many stakeholders expressed their willingness to participate in mobilities as participants and engage in activities with stakeholders and young people from Adger and PistesSolidaires. The next meeting will be organized with stakeholders to present NEUEYT initiatives in more detail and support them in replicating the initiatives in the local context.

The ongoing communication with stakeholders will be organized through telephone and email, ensuring that the stakeholders are kept up-to-date with the project’s news. The NEUEYT project is an important initiative that can create a positive impact on youth democratic participation, and the stakeholder meeting has brought us one step closer to achieving the project’s objectives.