Once again the Municipality of Trikala turns its attention to the youth by organizing an event dedicated to alcohol abuse. With the cooperation of the Municipal Youth Council, the Municipality of Trikala took the initiative to coordinate this action against the use of alcohol by young children. The Directorate of Social Care organized this event with a number of experts on the subject and with the cooperation of the Community Center of them Municipality of Trikala and the Center for Integration of Immigrants. The event took place on Wednesday, March 29, 2023. The students of Elementary and high schools of Trikala were invited, in order to listen to the experts on the issues of alcohol, but, above all, to express themselves about what concerns them.
Link: https://trikalacity.gr/event/alkool-apo-mena-einai-ochi-ekdilosi-gia-mathites-tries-apo-ton-dimo-trikkaion/