Last week, the PartMe initiative of the NEUEYT project went online after  extensive communication and promotion at European level, organized by FORIS and Glocal Factory. The event brought together six young people, who presented their artwork and performances, (poems, photos, musical performances), all focusing on important social and political issues.

Despite the difficulty of organizing the initiative, the participants showed great creativity and enthusiasm, conveying strong messages through their art. Each performer tackled a different topic, such as climate change, gender equality and racial justice, with a unique style and approach, aiming to spread their messages to politicians and stakeholders.

PartMe is an example of how the power of art can be used to address crucial social and political issues. It is important to note that this activity was attended by young adults over the age of 20, and older than initially expected during the design phase of the initiative, probably due to the complexity of expressing social and political messages through art.