Agder County was the host of the NEUEYT mobilities the 27th and 28th of April. Our guests were two politicians and two youth representing E-Trikala (Greece) and Foris (Italy).

The event started April 27th  in the county administration office, where Agder County gave information about how we include youth in county planning processes. There was also a presentation on how we work with youth democracy through the regional youth council, which is regulated by law in Norway. In addition, Agder County represented UngData, a way of collecting information about the lives of youth in our schools. 17 000 youth in Agder responded to the last UngData survey.

The delegation then went to the City Hall in Kristiansand to meet the Deputy Mayor, Erik Rostoft. Kristiansand is a city of approximately 115 000 inhabitants. The delegation had a very fruitful discussion with the Deput Mayor about the need for politicians to connect better with its citizens, and especially with the young people growing up. The delegation from Italy and Greece also gave valuable information about the youth democracy in their countries.

In the afternoon, the delegation went to Samsen, a cultural house for youth. Samsen is Norways largest, most extensive and diverse cultural center for youth.It is the municipality of Kristiansand´s flagship provider of cultural activities for young people aged 15-25 in the region. At Samsen the youth can participate in for example dance, music, art, film making, photography, climbing, parkour, concerts, festivals and events.

In the evening, the delegation visited a big conference made by youth in a democracy project in Kristiansand.

Friday the 28th, the delegation visited the municipality of Lillesand. Lillesand has approximately 11 000 inhabitants. In the morning we hada meeting with the Mayor, Einar Holmer Hoven, and with youth from Lillesand who has participated in the NEUEYT activities. We also had a presentation about youth council work in the municipalities.

The delegation the moved to Lillesand Upper Secondary School, where we got information on how the school works with student democracy, and how the school works with engaging the students in decision making processes. We met the principal, the student leader, teachers and youth. We also got a guided tour around the school premises.

In the afternoon, the delegation was picked up in a boat in Lillesand centre bye the County Mayor, Arne Thomassen. He took the delegation around the beautiful coast line of Lillesand, and we also got to see the old outport Brekkestø.

We had some great days in Norway. It was a meeting between very engaged people from different countries, who truly have the youth best interests in mind. Agder County would like to thank the amazing people from Greece and Italy who came to visit us!