The NEUEYT mobility took a teacher of English and civics and a 16 year pupil from Pau, France to HUB Nicosia, Cyprus, where  they were welcome by the partners from this organization and Dora. There, they met members of e-Trikala (Greece) youth assembly as well as other pupils from Cyprus along with their teacher of English.

The morning was spent at the Youth Board  of Cyprus, learning and exchanging about the various actions taken on a daily basis by the youth department to lead to youth empowerment. Then they went to Nicosia’s buffer zone – controlled by the UN- where the inhabitants of both parts of Cyprus can meet and share joint projects and activities. 

After discovering the city, they got to exchange on their personnal experimentations of non-formal methods to implement participatory debates and active citizenship, which led to various projects : the Greeks found the 6 STEPS method useful in decision-making, and it gave way to awareness campaigns at Limassol high school, where the pupils chose to address the problem or the stress generated by the exams at school for instance. In France, the silent debates allowed everyone to have a say in the topics that were dealt with and the pupils decided to take steps and act in a more eco-friendly way at school. 

Meeting in Nicosia was a great experience both for the adults and for the pupil, who could open up to the others, learn and share all together. The experience is not over since they are still in touch on the social networks !