Check out the latest news and updates of our NEUEYT project where we will present you our latest output the POLICY REPORT.
The partners from Poraka Nova created the latest edition of NEUEYT Newsletter which will inform you about how the Policy report was developed.

The NEUEYT policy report is based on initiatives for youngsters, stakeholders, policy makers, local communities, and youth organizations. This document is an outcome of the NEUEYT project which proposes to work on innovative initiatives for the enforcement of active citizenship and democratic participation among youngsters 16-20, particularly underrepresented in policy making decisions, with regard to those living in remote/rural areas.

The Policy recommendations are built on the collective experiences of the initiatives and the input from the stakeholder-tables.

The Policy recommendations aims at capitalizing all the results gained during the implementation of initiatives, concerning the development and testing of the framework and all the deliverables and outcomes generated by the testing phase. An international laboratory and the mobility of youngsters and policy makers have supported, through engagement, the quality impact of the deliverables. The tested framework has been finetuned for future sustainability and transferability.