We are wrapping up all of our achievements and success in one video before our project end this summer!

NEUEYT Project was an amazing journey between 7 partners (Glocal Factory, Poraka Nova, Pistes Solidaries, E-Trikala, Hub NIcosia, Agder and Foris) from 6 countries, Italy, N. Macedonia, Greece, France, Cyprus and Norway, who created Global Framework of 8 Initiatives for digital youth participation into democratic process. We organized many events, workshops, trainings, offline and online events, we reached out to +50000 youngsters, empowered them, provided tools to gain and develop new skills in order to participate in democratic process and learn how to effectively communicate with stakeholders and policy makers. We provided podium and space for learning and sharing young people ideas and needs, through events, our social media platform and the forum on our website. Check out our latest video below!