Code of Conduct

NEUEYT Forum exists to connect young people and encourage them to participate in sharing their knowledge and experience. This forum is a place where young people will spend quality time on-line to communicate, collaborate and contribute in order to expand their knowledge and increase their participation. It’s a place where smart conversations are happened, where people share and learn, support and inspire each other. The purpose of our Code of Conduct is to ensure that all members in the Forum will have the best possible experience. Therefore, all participants in this process should follow the basic guidelines from the Code of Conduct in order to keep the Forum as a decent and friendly place.

RESPECT – we expect from all members of the NEUEYT Forum to respect each other. This  should be home for everyone and each home is build on this main principle.  At one point, not all of us will agree for some topic or question, but that disagreement isn’t giving us a space to act with poor manners or to treat others without respect.  

BE PATIENT AND TOLERANT – have in mind that forums are build from different level of educated people, people with different background and not all of the members speak the same language at the same skill level.

HERE WE CELEBRATE DIVERSITY AND PROTECT DIGNITY – here we welcome and appreciate you as you are. Each member should act with politeness among others and be nice. We say big NO to profanities or swear words. We say big NO for trolling, hate speech, personal attacks and any offensive comments related to gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race and religion. We must commit ourselves to treat others with dignity.

BE OPEN FOR LEARNING AND COLLABORATE – every person that you meet knows something you don’t. We empower participation in order to learn from each other and create something together. You can share opinion, different views and standpoints are welcomed, but judging or display any overly critical point of view is not recommended and might be removed from the platform.

INSPIRE DISSCUSSION AND BE OPEN FOR DEBATE – as Theodore Roosevelt said “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”. Here we are not just networking, we are building strong relationships. We want to motivate and inspire each other. Each person has different opinion about something, but we are here to provide constructive discussion based on arguments and personal experience.

ADVOCATE, BUT DON’T ADVERTISEdon’t spam or post repetitive comments with links to other web pages. You can be loyal, engaged, enthusiastic about some topic, brand, institution, but find the smartest way and words to elaborate or advocate for them.

COPYRIGHTrespects the intellectual property rights of others. If you are share content that someone else produced and published, you must credit the author and the original source.