Self-advocate influencer

Self-advocate influencer is an activity that aims at making youngsters from under- represented communities work in pairs with


pARTme is an activity which aims at stimulating youth engagement and democratic participation through digital – artistic languages.

Silent Debate

The silent debate aims at giving youngsters the opportunity to express themselves on several current topics by learning how to debate and exchanging between each other and policy makers.

Six steps to participation in civic and democratic processes

The 6 steps to participation in civic and democratic processes training scheme aims to propose a methodological approach to both promote active participation among underrepresented young people and engage various stakeholders/policymakers in constructive dialogue and action with young people.


Pinpointed is an activity aimed at guiding youngsters to reflect on current issues that affect their lives and the community in which they live, to think about the problems they encounter and suggest possible solutions to the policy makers through “critical notes”.

Road map to digital youth council

The roadmap to digital youth council aims at providing a step by step guide on how
to create a youth council that can be used by any other European country as a roadmap to
democratic participation.

Voice up

Voice up is an activity aimed at exploiting creativity of youngsters between the ages of 13 to 25 in two topics: their city and their school. Through different activities, the youngsters will be able to point out the best and worst places to in the city.

We & Us panel

This designed initiative pursues the aim of sustaining youngsters in giving proper wording to their needs, to display them to the right object (policy makers and stakeholders).